The home of Hollow Wooden Surfboards in the UK. All our boards are handcrafted to the highest standards and signed off by British shaper Roy Sanders. We offer 100% Custom size boards. This ensures the rider has the perfect board for the individual. We also offer a range of stock sizes. Please contact me to request details.

HW Surfboards use Wood for our boards as we are concerned about the damage being caused to the environment in the surfing industry. All our wood comes from sustainable sources, to ensure these beautiful pieces of usable art can be built long into the future.

FinWe see surfing as a natural sport using Natures energy & power to provide the platform for our sport. We believe this should be reflected in our boards by using renewable low impact materials. We are committed to developing bio resins and degradable cloths for our board, and will continue to strive to build an eco board at a competitive price.

HW Surfboards uses a variety of wood. Some shops only offer balsa, but as this has to be shipped in from Ecuador in most cases, this is harmful to the environment. We are continuously looking to source our wood from local suppliers to reduce the damage to our planet.

Please contact me on 07777 800008 for any info on my boards, or text me for a ring back. Thanks

Roy - HW Surfboards


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